Sunday, July 25, 2010

New Mom Realizations - Inauguration

I went into labor at the movies. No, seriously. My best friend and I had agreed to see a film that shall not be named, and we were actually concerned that the baby would come too early and we'd miss our date. As it was, I went into labor while we waited in line to buy tickets.

Not that I knew it was labor, per se. I'd already been sent home from the hospital once, and I didn't feel like Team Caroline needed another false labor episode. So, I just figured I was having strong practice contractions and chalked it up to dehydration. Oh, what fools we mortals be.

It didn't occur to me that something was amiss until after the movie, when the contractions were so strong that I could barely eat. If you knew me, and my deep love for the Mexican restaurant we were patronizing, you would know this to be a red flag. And, as I sipped my water and pondered the state of my full plate and empty stomach, I realized that my water may have broken that morning and I would have had no idea. This is when things got interesting.

Long story short, I was sent home from the hospital again that night after an ultrasound and some IV fluids, still only 1cm dilated. The contractions didn't stop, though, and I spent a very restless night attempting to doze off between them as they grew stronger. More of the same the next day and night. Until, finally, we went back to the hospital 30 hours after being discharged to find that I was 5cm dilated and in active labor.

Two epidurals, three popsicles and a short nap later, Caroline Miranda came into the world. And here we are, having a great adventure and learning along the way.

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