Friday, July 30, 2010

"Mama just needs to pee before you start freaking out..." And other things you thought you'd never say.

It is morning. The sun is shining gently through the sheer curtains, lighting the face of my angelic little one. The birds are singing her a beautiful wake-up song. And I have to pee and eat something before she wakes up.

Realization #10 - A pacifier is a lot like a snooze button

I abruptly pause in the middle of brushing my teeth and look up, like a meerkat, and cock my head to listen more intently for the first stirrings of a hungry baby. Toothbrush balanced on my molars and t-shirt only halfway on, I creep slowly up to the bassinet to see just how awake she is. Her perfect little eyes begin to flutter open and I seize my chance to pop the pacifier in her mouth, effectively buying myself about four and half minutes. And the best part? I can do this more than once! This morning, I managed to brush my teeth, get dressed, wash my face, make the bed, make a bottle, eat a bowl of cereal, check my email, take my meds and have a glass of water before she finally got tired of the pacifier.

The concept of the pacifier as snooze button gets still better: it can buy Mama a couple more minutes of sleep as well. Sometimes, little Carrie will jerk in her sleep and wake herself up (usually because my sweet thing manages to smack herself in the face when she jerks...we're going to start working on kinesthetic awareness...) and get fussy. I mean, you would wake up, too. If I have a pacifier handy when that happens, and she'll take it, she'll just go right back to sleep without me having to get her up and rock her back to sleep. You have to be kind of quick on the draw for that one, though.

In conclusion...I don't have a conclusion, cause I'm currently being overwhelmed by my urge to snuggle with Carrie. Duty calls!

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