Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Never Throw Away Old T-Shirts (and other helpful advice for would-be moms)

Realization #6: Wearing clean clothes is a luxury.

Caroline is 17 days old. I have washed 10 loads of her laundry since we came home from the hospital. I have done two loads of my own laundry. I have never before viewed my pack-rat ways with such thankfulness in my heart. If I weren't a pack-rat, I wouldn't have the umpteen t-shirts sitting in my dresser, making washing my clothes virtually unnecessary. Because, really, it's ok to wear jeans more than once before you wash them. However, between spit-up, baby pee, and my boobs leaking, I'm going through t-shirts like Kanye goes through sunglasses. Which leads us to...

Realization #7: The definition of "clean clothes" can be tweaked to make you feel better about your ability to care for yourself.

I'm not saying that I doubt my ability to care for myself, but I do sometimes doubt my ability to balance caring for myself and caring for my newborn. And I'm pretty sure my greasy hair and rioting pores would agree with that. Sometimes my definition of "clean clothes" is simply "a fresh shirt and socks." Sometimes it's more like "changing from one pair of pajamas into another." Sometimes it's "I'm pretty sure I washed these before I put them on...wait, how long have I been wearing this?" And that's ok. Because, at the end of the day, unless someone nearby can smell the eau de breastmilk and stinky diaper all over me like white on rice, it's all good. Nobody expects you to be a fashionista with a new baby. Besides, wearing pajamas for days on end at home makes getting dressed to go somewhere that much more exciting.

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